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Tuition Prices:
Registration Fees Once a year/Non-refundable
Returning Students $35 per student
New Students $50 per student

Monthly tuition varies depending on the number of classes taken per week.

1 Class a week per month
2 Classes a week per month
3 Classes a week per month
4 Classes a week per month
5 Classes a week per month
6 Classes a week per month
7 Classes a week per month
8 Classes a week per month
9 Classes a week per month $260
10 Classes a week per month $285

Recital Performance Non-refundable
Recital Costumes (due December 1st) $90 - $95 each
Recital Fees (per student, due in March) $40 per student

Available Discounts  
Family Discount from 3rd child up 10% per month
Entire Year Payment  10% off

We accept cash, check, Visa and MasterCard.  No other cards are accepted.  Please contact us about our Automatic Payment System!

Tuition Payment Procedure:

Please read this notice to clarify any misunderstandings.

  1. Monthly tuition is always due in advance. 
  2. Between the 15th and the 30th/31st of each month, the tuition for the next month is due. 
  3. Once the 1st of the month arrives,  all accounts that have not paid for October are considered late.
  4. We will not allow students to participate in class unless they have the payment for October with them at the beginning of class. 
  5. It cannot be paid after class.
  6. You can either bring the payment immediately which will allow your child to dance, or you may come and pick up
    your child. 
  7. In addition: if your child chooses not to dance any more, please notify the front desk. Your child may finish the remainder of the month;  no further payments will be necessary.

This payment procedure is the same as it was at DDW, and it will remain this way.  It keeps things fair for everyone. We can’t have some accounts who pay and some who don’t. Remember we are a business and we have bills and wages that must be paid, just like all of you.

Updated 9/16. Pricing subject to change.

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Class Sessions:

The studio has two sessions
per year.
Fall Session September - May
Summer Month of July

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