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PDC Hair Codes

Hair codes for PDC classes are as follows:

All Preschool & Ballet Classes:
A standard low bun at the base of the neck.  Slick all bangs back out of the face. Attaching a hair net over the bun is beneficial. All students must look clean and professional. Students who do not have their hair done appropriately for class will not be allowed to participate.  We cannot spend valuable classroom time fixing hair!

Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Lyrical & Stretch:
Slick all bangs out of your face and place the remainder of your hair into a secured ponytail. In some Lyrical classes the instructor may ask you to take your hair down. Do not assume this.  Always come to class with you hair up and out of your face.


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Hair Codes

Special Notes:

Any student who does not comply with the dress or
hair code will be removed
from class by the office
manager and will not participate regardless of age!


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