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Precision Dance Center offers a wide variety of dance styles and methods. We offer teachers with a broad range of dance knowledge, experience and education.

Classes include, but not limited to:


Creative Movement I - Age 3
Creative movement to develop coordination and
motor skills.

Creative Movement II - Age 4
Introduction to the beginning positions of ballet and beginning rhythms of tap.

Ballet - Ages 5 & Up
A classical dance form characterized by grace and precision of movement. This includes elaborate formal gestures, steps and poses.

Lyrical/Modern - Ages 12 & Up (Placement Only)
Expression of personal feelings related to poetry that often has a soft musical quality and expresses personal emotion.

Jazz - Ages 5 & Up
A mixture of many styles reflecting today’s pop culture; identifiable by exciting “tricks” and fast paced movement.

Hip Hop - Ages 5 & Up
A street influenced type of dance commonly seen in music videos.

Tap - Ages 5 & Up
Identifiable by its sound and rhythm, students receive a great workout while studying the coordination.

Just for Boys - Ages 5 & Up
This class is physically challenging and mentally stimulating. Boys find a release for built-up kinetic energy and enjoy the creative outlet that dance provides.

Turns & Progressions - Ages 8 & Up

Stretch/Conditioning - Ages 10 & Up


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